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Minnesota Twins

The Twins of the Future

With the Twins recent resurgence there is a renewed hope throughout Twins Territory that the 2012 season is not completely hopeless. Winning ten out of their last thirteen games and playing in a weak Central division definitely helps to build that hope but there is a possibility that we are just being teased into believing in the 2012 lineup. After all, eight of those wins have come against teams below .500.

If that possibility becomes reality it’s more than likely that come trade deadline you will be seeing a lot of unfamiliar faces in the starting lineup this year and the years ahead. With an eye to the future lets’ take a look at the top prospects, position by position, in the organization and see just what the Twins have to look forward to in the near future.

Catcher – Chris Herrmann

Current Age: 24

Drafted: 2009, 6th round (192nd pick)

Current Team: New Britain Rock Cats (AA)

Herrmann had a breakout season in 2011 with high class A Fort Myers Miracle. He hit .310/.404/.425 and was quickly promoted to AA New Britain where his offense leveled off. He’ll never be a power hitter and he needs to work on his discipline at the plate (44 strikeouts in 204 AB’s) but he has shown he can hit for average and his defense is a plus despite playing OF most of his minor league career.

First Base – Chris Parmelee

Current Age: 24

Drafted: 2006, 1st round (20thpick)

Current Team: Minnesota Twins (MLB)

The Twins faithful witnessed just how good Parmelee can be when he made his debut for the team late in the 2011 season. He continued to impress in Spring Training and was on the Opening Day roster but was demoted to AAA Red Wings after struggling to find his swing. His range in the field is limited but his ability to hit for power and average is a huge plus and should give the Twins a solid heart of the order hitter when Morneau leaves.

Second Base – Eddie Rosario

Current Age: 20

Drafted: 2010, 4th round (135th pick)

Current Team: Beloit Snappers (A)

Rosario is probably the best prospect in the Twins organization that you haven’t heard of. That’s going to change very soon if he can continue the torrid place that he has been on since 2011. He lit up the rookie-level Appalachian League in 2011, hitting .337 with 21 homeruns and 60 RBI’s in just 67 games. In 2012 he has moved up to A Beloit but his numbers have remained impressive nonetheless. He is relatively new to 2B (originally played OF) but his athleticism has made the transition very smooth. He is still a few years away from being major league ready but once he gets there he could be a star for an organization that has struggled to produce solid middle infielders.

Shortstop – Brian Dozier

Current Age: 25

Drafted: 2009, 8th round (252nd pick)

Current Team: Minnesota Twins

Dozier emerged as a top prospect after having a solid year for AA New Britain in 2011. He spent just 28 games in AAA this season before being promoted to the Twins and secured his spot as the everyday shortstop quickly thereafter. Dozier is an ideal top of the order hitter (great composure at the plate and has the speed to cause trouble on the base paths) but will never have much power. There is a possibility that Dozier moves to his more natural spot at 2B but with Rosario’s rise and a lack of quality prospects at SS he’ll likely stay there.

Third Base – Miguel Sano

Current Age: 19

Drafted: NA (signed on October 9th, 2009 as a FA)

Current Team: Beloit Snappers (A)

Sano is easily the top prospect in the Twins organization and one of the most promising prospects throughout the entire minor leagues. He showed everyone that hype is warranted in 2011 and has only added to hype in 2012, hitting 14 homers and 45 RBI’s in just 60 games. He will always have a high K rate being a power hitter and his average will suffer because of it but his raw power will make up for that. There is a question as to whether he will outgrow 3B and have to move across to 1B or OF which would hurt his positional upside but for now he is staying at 3B. Sano is simply a superstar in the making and a bright spot for the entire organization.

Right Field – Ben Revere

Current Age: 24

Drafted: 2007. 1st round (28th pick)

Current Team: Minnesota Twins (MLB)

There is an argument that Oswaldo Arcia or Joe Benson could be in this spot but the Twins cannot pass up on the prototypical leadoff hitter Revere. He has been bounced around from AAA to major leagues for the past two seasons but after his latest promotion he has seemed to cement himself into the big league lineup. His speed is unbelievable but he needs to draw more walks in order to elevate his impact on the game. He is still questionable when it comes to playing the OF, often taking odd routes, but that speed is the great equalizer for Revere.

Center Field – Byron Buxton

Current Age: 18

Drafted: 2012, 1st round (2nd pick)

Current Team: NA

The newest Twin may just have the highest ceiling of any prospect in the organization. Buxton was considered by many to be the top prospect in the 2012 class and it’s easy to see why. His speed is the most evident tool but he also has an incredibly smooth swing and is highly athletic. He has yet to face real quality pitchers, being a high school player and all, but there is so much natural baseball instincts in the kid that there is little question as to whether he can make the adjustment. It’ll be a few years until he works his way up through the system but it will be worth the wait.

Left Field – Aaron Hicks

Current Age: 22

Drafted: 2008, 1st round (14th pick)

Current Team: New Britain Rock Cats (AA)

Before Sano entered the organization Hicks was the undisputed top prospect in the organization but after four years of unspectacular play he may be the odd one out when it comes to the Twins future. He is a five-tool prospect that has an incredible ceiling but he has yet to put those tools to use in the minors, compiling a .264/.373/.405 batting line. He is still young there is room for growth but he needs to accelerate his maturation if he wants to progress through the system.

Of course these are all just projections and chances are the Twins will acquire more prospects in the future which will change this outlook. Just like in every organization some of the top prospects will fizzle out before even sniffing the majors but these are the prospects that are most likely to make their way into a Twins uniform and they don’t look too bad.



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